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Abundant Life For All (ALFA)


Abundant Life For All Christian Community (ALFA CC) is a recently formed charity aiming to enable people, including those with learning difficulties, to learn new skills, working together to help or provide for others.  This is in a supportive environment where we all look after each other.


The first project started was the Training Lunch Club.  In this, up to four people with learning difficulties are trained in cooking meals for a Lunch Club.  Elderly or isolated people are invited to come to the club for a good meal and some friendly company.  This started in April 2013.  Please follow this link for further details.

Our original main aim was to set up a residential Christian Community where people would live together in a large house with a walled garden and some fields.  We intended to grow fruit and vegetables, look after animals and make honey and many other things to sell.  The aim was that we would all work, as well as relaxing, enjoying our hobbies and having parties.  We would also welcome others and be part of the local community.  All who wanted to would enjoy worship, prayer and learning about Jesus and how He wants us to live. 
We are very excited that although we may not have the fields and animals, we have recently purchased a wonderful property that will enable us to do everything else from that original list.

Jesus said “I came to give life – life that is full and good.” [John chapter 10 verse 10 - Easy to Read Version]

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” [John chapter 10 verse 10 - English Standard Version]


Key ideas

  • As people, we thrive when we relate to others - accepting and loving/caring for others and being accepted and loved.
  • We all have abilities, and none of us can do everything – that means that we should work together, everyone doing what they can.

  • It is good to work – to have a useful job that others really appreciate.

See our charitable aims and key staff or read more about our residential community.

Contact us

Please contact us by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 07941580802.



The founders and co-leaders of the Abundant Life For All Christian Community are:


Chris and Lyn Morton


We are based in Bristol, and were members of the Fellowship of the King Church from its inception in 1980 until it recently closed in a formal capacity in 2016 (various gatherings of people continue).  We worship regularly in the churches in Shirehampton.  Via ALFA CC we are continuing the support of Christian ministries and missionaries previously supported by the Fellowship including the wonderful Swahiba Youth Networks organisation in Kenya. 


Abundant Life For All Christian Community is a Registered Company no. 08277571, and Registered Charity no. 1149610.  (It is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee.)



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