The Vision

We believe that God has made us each special, with abilities, and He designed us to live with others and to work and support each other.  Our understanding is that the abundant life promised by Jesus involves everyone giving and receiving, everyone working (for clearly appreciated purposes), everyone enjoying recreation and being part of a loving and caring community. God values each person so much and it is His model for us appreciating and caring for each other that we wish to follow.  We hope that all may be encouraged by seeing God's love in action.


The Christian faith offers each of us a relationship with God as our loving heavenly Father, Jesus who died on the cross for us and the Holy Spirit who works in and through us.  The community will thus be a place where we seek to encourage each other in our Christian faith.  People with disabilities who join us will not have to be Christians, but they will need to be accepting of our Christian ethos – they will be free to be as involved in Christian worship and prayer as they choose.


It is anticipated that the “supporting members” (i.e. Christians who join the community to serve) will mostly be volunteers but there may be some employees as required (e.g. nursing staff).  The other members (adults with disabilities) would normally contribute financially from direct payments or other provision for their residential care.   See the section on "How would this work?" for more details.


We will also aim to be a very welcoming community to others, whether joining us for refreshments or our Christian activities.


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