How would this work? - People and finances


There are many aspects to this - the residential community, day services and other activites.

1. Day services: These would be open to any adults with disabilities subject to available spaces and suitability and be funded by direct payments or local authorities.  Trainers for the various activities could be employed.  Volunteers to assist would be welcome.


2. The residential community: Initially this will be a group of friends and family living at Fulligrove House like an extended family.  Guests will be welcome to stay including people with disabilities for respite with appropriate funding and support.  Chris and Lyn are effectively volunteer workers for the charity providing leadership - along with the trustees - and looking after finances and administration (including of the day services).  If the community grows to include other people with disabilities, they would contribute from their benefits for rent and living expenses and from direct payments or local authority funding for specific care.  Individuals would be employed to provide any such specific care or support.  Other members of the community would mostly be volunteers who could have employment elsewhere and pay rent and living expenses.  Some could be employed as trainers for the day services. 

3. Other activities:  We offer hospitality to many in a variety of ways from coffee mornings and drop-in times to opportunites for people to have some peace and quiet for reflection.  Short times of informal, inclusive worship will also be open to all and we hope to have a mid-week Christian support group to include adults with learning difficulties.



If you are interested in any aspect of this please do contact us by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 01179826455.


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