Some people with disabilities find it very difficult to have a meaningful job or role in life other than as a receiver of care.  Most care centres / organisations working with “learning difficulty clients” entertain them well, and care for them well, but do not necessarily give them the opportunity for a rewarding and meaningful role in life.


Our vision for a community allows for a whole range of jobs and roles that will be suitable for people with learning difficulties, both in the daily living and in the facilities we hope to offer.  The house and community will allow for everyone to have a couple of specific roles, such as the cooking, cleaning and laundry.  How satisfying it will be to have made bread or cake in the kitchen,  and then see everyone enjoying it at the meal, and specifically saying thank you.  Imagine the pleasure of working in the gardens and bringing in carrots and seeing them on the plate at dinner time.  The community will make a point of acknowledging and thanking each individual on a daily basis for the jobs they have done, as well as the Lord for his provision.


The community with workshops, will give great opportunities for individuals to find their most suitable roles, both in the house and the grounds.  The community will actively seek the right roles and opportunities for each of its members, both with and without learning difficulties or physical disabilities, to fulfil for each person the scripture in Ecclesiastes 5v19:  “ To accept his lot and be happy in his work- this is a gift of God”(NIV translation).



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