1 Cor 12v22 - “On the contrary, the parts of the body that seems to be weaker are indispensable.”

"Indispensable" is such a strong word.  We are so often told (at work and in other situations) that no-one is indispensable - how wonderful that God says that "the weaker" are indispensable.


The Bible is full of examples of God’s way appearing foolish and “upside down” compared to the world view - rich/poor, weak/strong, first/last, foolish/wise.  We believe that a community such as this will be a model for how God wants us all to live, and what the key values for us as human beings are.  At its best society sees people with disabilities as needing to be looked after and definitely as weaker.  If we are honest, we all know the weaknesses that we each have, and our limitations are part of being human - so we could all be classed as "weaker" and thus indispensable!


This passage about the body (1Cor 12v12--31) is a wonderful pciture of the variety and interdependence of people.  Verses 23-24 say "But God has so composed the body, giving greater honour to the part that lacked it, that there may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another."


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