The Residential Community - and Day Services


We are hoping to set up a residential Christian community which includes and provides support for adults with disabilities—of any faith, or none. This would also be a base from which to run day services for other adults with disabilities.  We are currently looking for a suitable location and could see the potential of Kildare House in Somerset, although we understand its sale to other buyers has now been agreed.



Should we be able to buy a similar property, a small group of people would live in the house, sharing the tasks from cooking and cleaning to gardening and looking after the chickens.


We would run day services for adults with learning disabilities who live in the area, offering training in e.g. cooking (like our Training Lunch Club in Bristol), woodwork, gardening and DIY.


We would love to have a walled garden - this property has a derelict walled garden - 2 walls, and many of the trees remain and it would have been a great project to restore this - involving as many others as were interested.

For more information on how these would be funded and staffed see "How would this work?".


Link to Lifestyle page for more details about living in the community.

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