The Residential Community - and Day Services


ALFA has a home!  Fulligrove House, Woodwell Road, Shirehampton, Bristol  BS11 9UG is now the base for our activities, although we will continue to run the Training Lunch Club at Etloe Church in Redland, Bristol.  We are in the throes of settling in and preparing for our regular activities and will update when we have starting dates for these.

We will have a small residential Christian community here - our aim is to include and provide support for adults with disabilities and we will be able to offer some respite services fairly soon.  It will also be a place that offers a welcome to many in a variety of situations - for retreat, tea and a chat or informal inclusive worship.





We will also be running day services for adults with learning disabilities who live in the area, offering training in woodwork and gardening, along the lines of our Training Lunch Club.  The workshop is pictured to the right of the house above and the gardens, including a vegetable patch are shown below.



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